Why Superadobe?

The renaissance of earth building – The advantages of Superadobe technology

            • Natural, reversible, recyclable building materials no harmful to our health and the environment;
            • Good thermal mass material: perfect heat storage capacity and regulation of temperature and humidity resulting comfortable interior microclimate;
            • Good acoustic parameters (good sound insulation);
            • Statically strong, durable, and resistant even to extreme  weather conditions and natural catastrophes (flood, windstorm, hurricane, fire, earthquake);
            • Wide range of use;
            • Harmonic and diverse - traditional or modern - forms and styles: straight or arched walls, square structures, vaults, domes or their combinations;
  • With building vaults and domes we can omit or minimize the use of wood, iron or reinforced concrete bond and beam systems and roofs;
  • Economic and environmentally friendly, easy and quick building with locally produced materials, small waste production, minimal need for industrial background and the use of machines, low shipping costs. Low energy input and environmental pollution;
  • Low housekeeping costs;
  • Anyone can learn this building technology, the whole family or community from young to old can build;
  • Ideal for humanitarian purposes, strengthen communities and equal opportunities.
Eco-Village (sandbag shelters) - Cal-Earth, California