Why to support?

Why is it worth supporting the Beehive Ecohouse Project? Social impact of the initiative

“All need to eat and have a shelter” − they use to say. Man – of course – aspires much more in his/her life, but if these two basic needs are not fulfilled, it is difficult to focus on our superior aims. To get healthy food and living would be a basic human right, and yet a whole life is often not long enough to get a proper home. We need to take our future in our own hands. Both in a figurative sense and word for word: every man and woman is able to build his/her own shelter and to body his/her living environment. And not just a shelter, but a nice, healthy, sustainable and even affordable house! The Beehive Ecohouse Project helps us to achieve this goal.

Even if we do not want to or cannot build a house yet, we still have the chance to make our actual home nicer, healthier, “greener” and more economical to maintain wherever we live. The Beehive Ecohouse Project shows us examples, creative ideas how to do so. 

  • Concrete, tangible example: The Beehive Ecohouses show a “minimum version” example how to build a “conventional” and a partially underground superadobe earth-sheltered house;
  • Prototype, module system for larger houses or other type of buildings: Beehive Houses serve two basic model, two alternatives from the many possible ones. The houses can be modified in size, shape, arrangement, style etc. What is important is to acquire the “green” and responsible approach of the project and the basic principles of clever design and methods based on how the nature “thinks”. They can serve as basic prototypes: their units can be used to plan larger clusters of buildings (e.g. block and terraced houses) according to our needs and objectives. This is the way how the nature builds different – even complicated – structures from the simplest and “cheapest” materials everywhere can be found. 
  • Knowledgebase, aspects of design, brainstorming: the project collects creative “green” ideas, simple but efficient methods anyone can apply whatever professional background he/she has (“More brain than money!”);
  • Demo and test houses: We cannot expect a private citizen to open his/her house for the public, even if it is a nice example of superadobe building. On the other hand majority of the people does not plan and build his/her house himself, and does not have the expertise for building. We plan the Beehive Houses for educative and demonstrative purposes, as well: People can get information about the building (from the planning through the permission procedure to the construction itself) during the building and also later when the houses are ready. People can visit and even test the houses for a couple of days to experience the feeling how it is to live in a superadobe dome-and vault house.
  • Learn how to build: Those who participate in the building can practice the methods of the technology and can acquire the permaculture and organic building approach.
  • Model: It is important for us to increase the alertness for conscious and sustainable living, and to show an example for the next generations that is worth to follow (e.g. to make the rural life attractive again). 
  • “Mental support” for those with similar dreams and aims: Many would like to change but are afraid of the new and the prejudices against those who think differently. Some are afraid of the difficulties of the regulations and bureaucracy. With our project we send a message to everyone: “Let us join together, Cultural Creatives, we are not alone, let us fulfill our dreams and make our lives better!”
  • Answer to the climate and economic challenges: The project provides an alternative to the challenges of the environmental and economic crisis, as both houses are planned to be more adaptive to the climate changes (like extreme hot/cold, storms, floods), to the financial limits of the builders and they are much healthier to live in than the conventional houses.

What can we offer in return to those who support us?

With their consent, we post the name (and the company logo) of every person who support us.

To those who speak Hungarian we can offer our superadobe CDs, books, courses (superadobe or Rainbow Training) or they can spend a week-end in the Beehive Houses when they are ready or participate in an individual consultation. See the details on our Hungarian website.

The superadobe course and the consultation are open also for those who cannot speak Hungarian, and they are invited to our educational site and the Beehive Houses-to be.

For foreigners we can offer to be guests in our flat hotel called Campsis Terrace that is located in the nicest part of Budapest, at the foot of the Buda Castle Hill.

The rewards depend on the amount of the donation.