SzuperMA team

Aims of the Superadobe & Permaculture Workgroup
Why to use earth technology in architecture in the middle of Europe?

Adobe has been used as building material in Hungary for centuries and we are familiar with its advantages and drawbacks. Building from earth is not alien to us but needs to be reformed just like architecture in general. We are all aware of the climate and economic changes and people have become more conscious too which has led to them looking for ways – traditional and modern – which will enable them to have a livable home at an affordable price and would like to have a bigger say in how their homes will be designed and built.

Our objective is to adjust the superadobe technology to the climate and culture of Central-Europe and develop it into a complex independent system that works mostly with natural materials and includes all the elements needed for the development of a sustainable and environmentally conscious living space.

These elements are the permaculture design and farming, the use of renewable and less polluting energy resources, responsible eater management. Permaculture design and farming means that we develop and maintain our living and farming environment in harmony with nature and using the materials, and following the motives and principles of nature.

Our overall aim is to empower the individuals and the communities and to help them to live in harmonic, self-sustaining and sustainable living communities: renewing healthy cities and eco-villages that can provide homes and a model for the actual and future generations.

Dr. Mónika Erika Kovács

If I had to sum up my career and professional affiliations I would mostly define myself as a freelance „educator-healer-builder”.

Till 2010 I worked as a psychiatrist and assistant professor at the Institute of Behavioural Sciences of the Semmelweis University. My fields of specialization included stress and stress management, communication, self-understanding, improvement of health and research on quality of life. I received my PhD in clinical medicine, psycho-neuro-immunology in the topic of the relationship between allergies and psychiatric disorders in 2003 then I became a supervisor in the same topic.

I resigned from my job as an assistant professor 4 years ago because I felt the time had come for a change. In the fall of 2010 as a scholarship holder of the Cal-Earth Institute (California Institute of Earth Art and Architecture) I studied the superadobe technology and after my return I decided to introduce the tecnology in Hungary, adjust it to the local needs and at the same time improve it. Since then I have written several articles, held several lectures and have given several interviews on the superadobe technology and with my partner, Zoltán Fekete have established the SzuperMA – Superadobe & Permaculture Workshop. We have put together a curriculum and an educational program and have held several theoretical and hands-on workshops not only on the superadobe technology but permaculture, self-sufficiency and environmental consciousness. In 2012 I wrote a book with the title „The basics of the superadobe technology – Let us design and build with nature!” which serves as the curriculum of the workshops.

Though recently my main interest has been the superadobe technology I have prepared a collection of exercises on self-development – the Rainbow Training – as a summary of my professional experience and knowledge on consciousness, self-understanding, development and spirituality.

I was born in 1968 in Budapest and I have a 16 year old son. I am interested in writing, reading, music, gardening and everything that is creative from webpage design to mosaic work and painting of furniture.

Zoltán Fekete

I am a 47 year-old service and sound technician. Being a sound technician made it possible for my hobby to become my job as well. In 1998 I managed the shop and exhibition room of the BauerSound Ltd. for a year where I sold effects processors, speakers and different instruments. Afterwards I worked as a sound technician at a Hungarian commercial channel (RTL) where I took part in the outside recording of the news and different shows. Later I started working in the electronics and office machines business as a service technician fixing and maintaining Cannon copy machines, faxes, printers and scanners. Since I finished high school I have been working in the IT field as well fixing PCs, laptops, servers, alarms and security systems. I have gained experience in installing phone centers and structured UTC computer networks.

For the last three years I have been working on introducing and adjusting the superadobe technology to local needs and have been mainly responsible for the technical and innovation side of the technology. This has given me the opportunity not only to combine the experience and knowledge gained in my previous jobs but the chance to experience the joy of working in a really creative field where I can develop my artistic side as well. As a sound technician I have discovered the great acoustical qualities of the superadobe houses which are often missing from modern architecture.

My broad experience in all kinds of technical fields would be greatly utilized in all projects that require technical expertise, the development of innovative methods such as the Beehive Ecohouse Project.

I was born in 1968 in Budapest and have two daughters – a 17 and a 14 year old. I am interested in music and sounds, DIY, innovative technologies, inventions and gardening.

Péter Mújdricza

A free-lance architect and artistic writer.

He is a member of the alternative artistic group, INDIGO Group and among other things the designer of the First Hungarian Design House in Tapolca, the ecumenical wooden church of Magyarföld and a cemetery chapel in Tata. His main exhibitions are the following: 2013. Transportable world of survivors, 2012. Sacral Utopias, 2011. Magyarföld-guard ship, 2005. Micropolis, 2003. Selective utopias, 1993. Flying in a stone. His articles regularly appear in architectural, artisctic and literary magazines and has been a lecturer at several Hungarian and international conferences on architecture and arts.

With the SzuperMA team we arranged three exhibitions about our the superadobe technology and our building plans, the Beehive Ecohouse project and the Mátraverebély Gipsy Chapel amongst all.